Published On : Thu, May 21st, 2015

CBSE Board Class X results 2015: How is CGPA calculated in CBSE Board?

CBSE Class X 10th results 2015 are expected to be announced on May 21. Students can check or download their results on official website  and

Every year, lakhs of candidates appears for the CBSE Examination. This year, 13, 73,853 students appeared for Class 10th X Board Exam 2015 out of which 8, 17,941 were boys and 5,55,912 girls.

But, there are several questions that may baffle the students once the results are out. One of the most important being how is the CGPA calculated. Also, how is percentage of marks calculated on the basis of CGPA.

Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the subjects (excluding additional 6th subject) as per Scheme of Studies.

Though the CGPA will mentioned on your results, should the student feel the need to calculate their CGPA, they must do it as following:

Sum of all the Grade Points (GP) of each subject must be divided by 5.

For e.g., suppose the GP for- Subject 1 is 9, Subject 2 is 9, Subject 3 is 8, Subject 4 is 10 and Subject 5 is 7.5

Then the sum of GPs will be: 9+9+8+10+7.5=43.5.

Dividing 43.5 by 5, we get 8.7 which is your CGPA.

If the student needs to find overall indicative percentage of marks, simply multiply CGPA with 9.5. (9.5xCGPA)

For eg., 9.5×8.7=82.65.

To calculate subject wise indicative percentage of marks= 9.5x GP of the subject

The grades for classes IX and X are not combined for CGPA. The overall grades for classes IX and X,calculated on the basis of assessments in an academic year, are shown in separate boxes on the Grade Sheet cum Certificate of Performance.