Published On : Sat, Oct 22nd, 2016

Case Study: A detailed analysis work shop held at TIME

Case study at Tirpude College

Nagpur: Case study method is an important method of teaching for MBA students. A 2-day comprehensive workshop was conducted at Tirpude Institute of Management Education (TIME), for MBA students. Students are able to develop analytical mind and are able to search various elements, issues and problems involved by way of this method, which helps in managerial decision making. A total of 25 cases were identified and prepared for students to analyse. The workshop was held in two phases among all student groups formed for this purpose.

Phase 1 was conducted on October 4, 2016 and it involved reading and re-reading the cases thoroughly and were taught the methodology to prepare these cases for discussion later. One faculty member was allotted to each of the small student groups comprising of 10-12 students each. Faculty members were required to guide their student groups, inform them beforehand how to conduct workshop for their respective groups and guide them on preparing PPTs for this purpose; they were also expected to help students understand their cases wherever required. Facts, issues & problems, alternative solutions, way forward were essentially discussed by the participants during this.

Phase 2 was the ‘Case Presentation’ round, held on October 5, 2016, where each student group presented their respective cases to the faculty members who judged them. Every student of each group was required to present some aspect of the case, systematically, and discuss the same analytically. Students were evaluated, individually and also group-wise, based on how they analysed and presented their case. Questions were posed by judges, which students were required to answer and explain, during the presentations.

All students participated in this workshop enthusiastically and were happy to add one more skill for management decision making, i.e. by case study method. Prof. Prasanna Shembekar, Prof Mahesh Joshi and Prof Shruti Dhabale coordinated the event successfully.