Published On : Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

Case registered against youth for posting picture of girl on Facebook



The youth will have to be careful about what they post on the facebook. One may never know when one of the person who appears in the picture may lodge a police complaint against you for posting the picture without their permission on June 1, 2015.

A case has been registered against a youth for allegedly posting a picture of girl without her permission on the Facebook.

The youth is identified as Gaurav Masram a resident of Swalambi Nagar, Jaitala Road had posted the picture of a 21 year-old girl and a resident of Gittikhadan area on Facebook without her permission.

When the girl came to know that Gaurav Masram had posted her picture without her permission, the aggrieved girl had lodged a complaint in Gittikhadan Police Station against the accused youth. On the basis of the complaint of the aggrieved girl, the Gittikhadan Police registered a case against the youth.