Published On : Tue, Aug 12th, 2014

Car Crash : Boy recovering fast, girl still critical, says doctor

Amravti Road Accident
Nagpur News

The critically injured youth in the road mishap that occurred at 12:35 am on August 7, 2014, included Ujwal A Ghutgutiya aged 24 years, a student of YCCE and Shriya Joshi aged 22 years, a student of Vincent Palloti College of Engineering. Both these critically injured students are undergoing treatment at Dande Hospital. The Doctors at Dande Hospital opined that while Ujwal A Ghutgutiya is out of danger and has recovered to some extent and has been since shifted to the General Ward. However, Shriya Joshi is still said to be critical.

Nagpur Today spoke to the Doctor who is treating Shriya. Dr Bhupendra said that Shriya was admitted with Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Multiple Fractures on both the hands.

There were 2 set of surgeries performed on Shriya. In the first surgery, the multiple fractures of both the hands were set right, while the second was a very complicated one which addressed the Spinal Cord injuries.

The Doctors at Dande Hospital had reconstructed the Cervical Vertebra No 6 and No 7. (Both had got crushed in the mishap).

Though the doctors have performed the surgery, the region below the hip including Shriya’s legs has no sensation. Shriya is still on the Ventilator. The doctors also opined that removing her from the Ventilator may result in Shriya collapsing. The Doctors said that this is because there is a small bleeding in her brain. This could have occurred because of the trauma suffered by Shriya, when her head hit either the glass of the car’s window or the door. This bleeding is causing a major catastrophe with her body. This is preventing the brain from sending the signals to her lungs to breathe independently.

When asked if there is no surgery possible to remove the blood clot or stop bleeding, the doctor said that at the moment they are doing what is called as the Conservative Management i.e. treating Shriya with Medications. Since, only recently a major surgery was performed on her spinal column, she may not be able to bear the trauma of another surgery. One more major problem that looms large if a surgery has to be performed is that Shriya has a very rare Blood Group (A-ve).

Youth should be cautious
The doctors advised that they should take a lesson at least now from the trauma that Shriya is undergoing. They should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. They should avoid speeding too.