Published On : Sun, Nov 5th, 2017

Can’t hurt Indian woman’s pride: Uma Bharti on Padmavati row

New Delhi: Union Minister Uma Bharti is the new entrant in the controversy surrounding the release of movie Padmavati.

Uma tweeted an open letter on November 3 stating she cannot remain neutral over the Padmavati controversy and urged people not to link the matter just with the Rajput community since the overriding factor is of “women pride”.

The saffron robed minister, days after the BJP sought a temporary stay over the release of the movie, has described Muslim emperor Alauddin Khilji as a “licentious invader” who had an “evil eye” on exceptionally beautiful Chittor princess, Padmavati.

She, in an open letter, said she “hates” Khilji and “respects” Padmavati after reading this episode of history. She also described men, irrespective of their religion, as “descendants of Khilji” who throw acid at women.

Bharti made it clear that she will not tolerate any absurd notion against women pride.”I am today’s Indian woman, few things are above politics. As a proud woman I have to take care of the pride of every Indian woman – past present or future..I stand firm. No non-sense with Indian woman’s pride – past, present or future,” she tweeted.

She suggested to form a committee, comprising historian, film maker and representatives of critique, to take a decision on objections on some content of the movie before its release.