Published On : Mon, Jun 15th, 2020

Can School be reopened soon in Maharashtra as per Govt Circular ?

Nagpur/Mumbai: Looking  at the new circular issued by Govt Of Maharashtra dated June 15  it looks like school in Maharashtra can’t be reopened soon .  Circular issued by Govt has raised many eyebrows too . Questions have been asked if this circular was taken out to favor the powerful education lobby as there is nothing for  parents.

Let’s talk about the Circular , the way this has been circulated gives an impression that ” Maharashtra CM has given nod to start the academic year, school reopening “. With Powerful lobby acting in the back it will not be surprising that every media will play to the same tune.

But that facts is that Govt of Maharashtra has mentioned in its circular that ” A school can be reopened in a village, if there has been no Covid-19 case for at least a month.”

Read “No Covid-19 case for at least a month.” So in Maharashtra as this day of the month hardly there are few villages or cities which have no Covid-19 cases – so if we go by this then it doesn’t look that the entire School in Maharashtra can start physical classes latest by OCT.

Circular further reads “When resuming physical classes, schools will have to run either in two shifts or call students on alternate days. Each shift cannot be more than three hours at once”.

This Circular doesn’t speak anything for the Poor Parents, going by this circular school management will start dialing parents for School fees without telling from when the Session will start and what will be the duration of the session in the name of Online classes.

Yes Online classes which have been mentioned specially in Circular which reads ”  online teaching will not be allowed for pre-primary section and classes I and II. The circular states a maximum of one hour of online teaching for classes III to V, two hours for classes VI to VIII and three hours for students of class IX onwards.

Question will be asked by Parents that ” Whom ( Govt ) they are with in this time of COVID-19 crisis when some of us have lost their Jobs and other are getting half their Salary”

Is it not Govt responsibility to clarify if Parents need to pay school fees for Online classes as par with Physical Classes , if NOT that what should be the fees structure for First Quarter which many schools have already started or planning to start.

With no clear directive from either the Central Govt or State Govt some school management are bound to exploit the parents in the name of school and book fees . The Government should act and issue a clear directive for the same.