Published On : Tue, Dec 17th, 2019

CAA does NOT take away rights of Indians: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Barhait, Jharkhand at a poll rally: “I challenge Congress and their allies that if they have the guts they should openly declare that they will give Indian citizenship to every Pakistani citizen and that they will bring back Article 370 in Jammu-Kashmir & Ladakh. Stop this guerilla politics.

“Indian Constitution is our only holy book. I appeal to youth in colleges to debate our policies, protest democratically. We will listen to you. But some parties, urban Naxals, are firing off your shoulders.

“Congress and its allies are creating an atmosphere of lies to scare Indian Muslims. They’re spreading violence.

“The Citizenship Amendment Act neither takes away the rights of an Indian nor harms him in any manner. The law we have made is for people fleeing three nations (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh) due to religious persecution; It’s for those who are miserable and can’t go back”