Published On : Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

C.P. Venkateshan 32nd Commissioner guest of honour at 32nd Foundation Day of MIA!

Thirty two years ago, the Hingna MIDC industrialists incorporated the MIA – MIDC Industries Association – to foster fellowship among themselves and come together to solve common problems. MIA progressed leaps and bounds since then and has created many infrastructure properties like a Corporate board room, a convention hall, guest house and a state of art laboratory which was built with matching funds from MIA and state government.

Every 2nd February is celebrated as their ‘Foundation Day’ and some dignitary is invited who will help the cause of MIA further.

This year they had invited the Commissioner of Police, Nagpur, Dr. K. Venkatesham since the almost 50 years old industrial estate is best with many law and order problems. Also traffic issues.


Speaking about these, Captain C.M. Randhir, current President of MIA narrated how there is a traffic chaos and snarl in the mornings at the Hingna road- MIDC junction when almost 20,000 workers and other employees are making their way to the estate. There have been some avoidable accidents too.


He also said that as per rules, the MIDC area had to have about 10% empty spaces to avoid congestion and as ‘green areas’ of the estate. These vacant plots have instead become dens of vice for many anti social elements who carry out nefarious activities. Drug peddling, bootlegging and selling of other intoxicants. They are also in the scrape business and steal expensive material from the industries to sell as scrap.

“What they steal and sell is worth a few hundred to them – for the owner it could have been a dye worth lakhs” said Captain Randhir.

NT has learnt from its independent sources that there are three criminal gangs that has occupied these plots and they often indulge in violence. Against each other and also the industrialists and their employees.

Some of these gangs enjoy political patronage and some have involvement of junior policemen also!

Thus removing them is a nightmare. Some Police officers have tried it, but no sooner their vehicles turn around the ‘goondas’ are back at their ‘spots’.

Venkatesham heard out the complains seriously and promised to do all in his power to have such elements removed permanently.

He elaborated that police are also part of the same society as everyone else and unless there is co operation between citizens and policemen lasting peace cannot be achieved.

“Police take their jobs very seriously – any police officer sleeps with his phone beside him/ her for any eventuality and any emergency. They do not enjoy such close relationships with their spouses as they do with their phones!” The C.P. said in a lighter tone.

He also outlined how constant risk-taking is part of policing activity. It is a high risk profession and although certain protocols of action have been laid out they do not apply to every situation.

“If the need arises, you have to be ready to kill; there is also the possibility that the wrong person gets killed.”

If society understands and appreciates the stress police work under, it could make their work smoother.

“Make friends with your locality P.I. – HE is like the C.P. for you since I cannot be everywhere” appealed the ‘celebrated’ police officer who is known for his exemplary work wherever he goes.

Many firsts in Nagpur

Under his leadership, Nagpur, which is tragically also beginning to get called ‘the crime capital’ of the state is formulating many firsts to make Nagpur safer.

All police stations are getting renovated to offer and friendly and warm ambiance.

“Not just are we changing the buildings and furniture but also working on our men and women. The famous Indian School of Business at Hyderabad, was roped in to train our staff in emotional intelligence.

Now we have developed 53 Trainers of our own who train their colleagues in Marathi.”

The C.P. rued the fact that there are 379 fatal road accidents in the city every year.

“We can easily bring down this number by half with proper systems and involvement of public.”

Dr. Venkatesham pleaded to city NGOs to co operate with his force for better conditions to prevail.

Earlier, as per the MIA practice every year, three industrialists of MIDC, Hingna, were selected for Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. The 3 felicitated this year were:

Mr. Anil Omkar, Ashok Kale and Latesh Agrawal.

All past Presidents present were also felicitated. Basantlal Shaw of NECO is the founder president of MIA followed by others like S.K. Mitra, Kumar and Mayank Shukla.

The Secretary Chandrashekhar Shegaonkar proposed the vote of thanks.

The program was well conducted by board member Sachin Jain.

It is worth mentioning that the august audience gave a thunderous round of applause and a standing ovation for the dynamic C.P.