Published On : Tue, Sep 30th, 2014

Busy day for ACB: Spanco technician, Patwari trapped red-handed while accepting bribes

The Spanco technician Kailas Chawre was nabbed while taking bribe of Rs 16,000 while the Patwari Sanjay Rathod was netted when he was pocketing bribe of Rs 8000. In all, four Government employees were caught by ACB within 24 hours.

ACB Trap technician & Patwari
The past 24 hours have sent ripples among various Government departments with Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Nagpur trapping as many as four employees red-handed while accepting bribe money of varying amounts. In fact, three Government employees were netted within 12 hours on Tuesday. First, a Land Revenue Inspector was trapped while taking bribe of Rs 6,000 on Monday. And on Tuesday, a Woman Police Constable fell in ACB net accepting a bribe of Rs 700 from an auto driver while an SNDL (Spanco) technician and a Patwari were caught accepting bribe of Rs 16,000 and Rs 8,000 respectively.
The Spanco technician, who was trapped by ACB, has been identified as Kailas Chawre.
According to ACB, the complainant is staying in a rented house with separate electricity meter. On Monday (September 29), at about 9.15 am, three employees of Spanco visited the house of complainant and took away his meter with them for the purpose of check-up. However, in the afternoon, one of the employees phoned the complainant and informed him that the meter is flawed and therefore a legal action will be taken against him. But if the complainant pays a bribe of Rs 20,000 then he will be spared of the legal action, the employee told the complainant.
The ACB sleuths, acting on the complaint, spread a dragnet near the premises of Hanuman Mandir, Telangkhedi, Nagpur and caught Kailas Chawre, Technician, Spanco (presently suspended) while demanding and accepting a bribe amount of Rs 16,000. Subsequently, an offence under Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 was registered against Chawre and he was placed under arrest.

This was not the first time that the Spanco technician Kailas Chawre was trapped by ACB for demanding and accepting bribe. Earlier, on June 3, 2014, the ACB had caught Chawre red-handed while taking bribe of Rs 30,000. He was later suspended by the Spanco.


In another case, the ACB sleuths successfully trapped Sanjay Rathod, Patwari in Kuhi Taluka, District Nagpur red-handed while accepting bribe of Rs 8,000. In fact, Rathod had earlier accepted bribe of Rs 20,000 and Rs 2000 from the complainant. The complainant owns 5.48 hectares of farm land. Out of this land, the complainant wanted to make share of 1.60 hectare each in the name of his two sons. The accused Patwari Rathod had again demanded bribe of Rs 8000 for completing the required formalities on Tuesday (September 30).

Subsequently, the ACB sleuths laid a trap near a ‘Paan Thela” and nabbed the Patwari Sanjay Rathod while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs 8000. Kuhi police, after registering an offence against Rathod under Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, arrested him. Further probe is underway.