Published On : Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

Burglars go on looting spree: Rs 5.5 lakhs worth of goods looted from 3 houses

Nagpur: The burglars seem to have no fear of the law. They seem to have forgotten that the long arms of the law will one day catch up with them and then they will have to pay for their crime. Burglars went on a burgling spree on January 18, 2015 and succeeded in looting jewellery, cash and other goods worth Rs five lakhs sixty thousand.

In the first case, burglars succeeded in entering the house when the main door was open and the resident was present in the house. The victim is identified as Preeti Jagdish Pardhi aged 34 years and a resident of Tinnal Square, Jagganath Nagpur. At around 4 pm, when the victim was present in the house and the main entrance door was open, some thieves managed to gain entry into the house and looted Gold and Silver ornaments and Rs 15,000/- in cash totaling around Rs two lakhs Seventeen Thousand (2,17,000/-). Preeti Jagdish Pardhi has lodged a case with the Tehsil Police Station who has registered a case under relevant sections of IPC against unknown burglars and is investigating the case.

In the second case, the victim identified as Roshan Dabre aged 34 years and a resident of New Subedhar Layout, Ayodhya Nagar, Hudkeshwar. Roshan Dabre and his wife Seema had allegedly hidden their gold and silver ornaments in the diwan of their house. However, some unknown woman had gained entry into the house and looted the gold and silver ornaments kept hidden in the diwan. The gold and silver ornaments are valued at Rs two lakhs thirty two thousand.

In the third incident, the victim identified as Rameshwar Nandanwar aged 48 years and a resident of area near Dadra Bridge, Timki had gone to his relative’s house after locking his house on January 18, 2015. The burglars however gained entry into the house by breaking open the lock on the main entrance door. They looted Gold ornaments, a tablet and cash of Rs 30,000/ totaling goods worth Rs one lakh ten thousand.

On the basis of the complaint lodged by Rameshwar, the Tehsil Police has registered a case against unknown burglars and is investigating into the case.