Published On : Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Brutal Murder @ Hudkeshwar : PCR for 2, three minors sent to juvenile custody

Nagpur News.

Suspected the handiwork of a jilted lover, the exceptionally brutal murder case in Hudkeshwar is only growing sensational with more new revelations. The latest update showed that there were over 153 deep injury marks inflicted on the deceased Roshan Bhure. Hudkeshwar police got PCR for two accused and sent three minor boys to juvenile custody for murdering Bhure.

Police informed that Roshan was killed brutally with sharp edged weapons and the body had around 153 skin deep injuries. And three juvenile boys were involved along with two others.  Cops further informed that the murder was a fall out of old rivalry between Roshan and the other boys. Sources also said that the key accused was obsessed with a girl who rejected his proposal and this turned into the big fight among the boys.

According to information, Roshan used to dominate the accused and bullied them on varied occasions. This instigated the accused to settle scores with Roshan. The accused Pradeep Suresh Wajurkar (26), a resident of Om Nagar and Akshay Umesh Raut (18), a resident of Ratan Nagar, along with the three minor boys planned to eliminate Roshan.

Working on the plan, the accused met Roshan and took him on the pretext of drive. On their way, they consumed liquor. Later they picked up argument over an old issue which instigated the accused. They took out the sharp-edged weapon they had hidden somewhere and attacked Roshan. The accused, in a fit of rage, continued their attack and stabbed him over 153 times.

Later, they escaped the scene leaving a blood stained body of Roshan. Hudkeshwar police recovered the body early Tuesday morning after they received information. After preliminary investigations, cops took the accused for interrogation on suspicion. However, the accused soon confessed their crime.

Roshan Bhure

Roshan Bhure