Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2020

Bring Convenience Into Your Kitchen with Mixer Grinders


Most Indian homes integrated the juicer mixer grinder into their kitchens in the 90s giving homemakers a relief from spending hours grinding masalas or juicing fruits by hand. The mixer grinder is a handy piece of technology that fastens up the cooking process while allowing you to try out recipes which might have been difficult and time-consuming to create without it!

Key Features To Check While Buying A Mixer Grinder

Buying a mixer grinder could be a significant investment for many. When you purchase any home appliances, online or offline, it is essential to assess the features that you should look into while deciding which is the best mixer grinder for you.


The six criteria given below must be taken into consideration when you buy your mixer grinder online or offline.

  1. Wattage

The wattage of a mixer grinder is an essential criterion for selecting a particular model for your kitchen. The higher the wattage of a mixer grinder, the more suitable they are for grinding and processing ingredients at a faster speed.

Anywhere between a 500 to 750 Watts mixer grinder is suitable for use in the kitchen daily!

  1. Speed

The speed at which your mixer grinder works can also be a deciding factor when you set out to select one for yourself. It is measured in terms of the number of rotations per minute (RPM) the blades can make.

A home mixer grinder generally would have a speed of 18000 to 25000 RPM. However, the speed of a juicer mixer grinder needs to be on low to medium to ensure that the appliance works effectively.

A very high RPM can result in the ingredients not being blended or ground well enough. A good juicer mixer grinder online should have controls that let you adjust the speed while grinding or mixing your ingredients.

  1. Jars and Their Sizes

Each of these jars in the juicer mixer grinder set will come with a lid and needless to say, have different utilities in the kitchen – the small dry grinder, the large dry grinder and the juice blender.

Jars with an ergonomically designed handle are even better because it will make it easy to lift and drain the contents from it, especially when you are using it for large quantities of ingredients.

These jars come in handy while preparing everything from a basic makhni gravy to delicious coconut chutney.

  1. Blades

Given that they do the main job of mixing and finely grinding the ingredients, you need to make sure that the blades of the mixer grinder are of premium quality before you go ahead and purchase it.

The shape, size and design of the blade largely affect the efficiency and fineness of the grind. This matters especially when you are working with tough ingredients. When you buy this home appliance, online primarily, ensure that the blades are made of stainless steel of 304 grade. Stainless steel of a good grade can withstand corrosion and oxidation while also retaining its sharpness over a longer period.

  1. Warranty

A good electronic appliances company is highly likely to give you a longer warranty period. A mixer grinder with 3 to 5 years of warranty is more likely to be a good quality product.

Along with that, check for a separate warranty for the mixer grinder motor as this will be a crucial investment to keep your machine protected and functional for a longer time.

  1. Price

There is a huge range when it comes to the mixer grinder price. It starts as low as INR 700 and goes up to INR 6,000 based on the quality of the product. There are many Indian brands, such as Crompton that have high quality and affordable mixer grinder ranges

Using Mixer Grinder In Your Kitchen

Making Indian Masalas

Indian cooking is incomplete without masalas. While traditionally the spices would be ground manually in a mortar and pestle, thanks to the innovation of the mixer grinder, the home cook’s worries are taken care of. Getting a quick and super fine blend has become extremely easy with mixer grinders like Ameo as well which promise to deliver a 10% finer grinder.

While you can easily get the blended spices from various brands, nothing beats the taste of a freshly ground batch. To create the perfect spice blend of any kind, you need to roast the whole spices, cool them and then, grind them in the mixer grinder. You have to store them in an airtight container and use them in your food as and when required.

Making Indian Chutneys

Tangy, spicy or sweet, chutneys are Indian condiments that can add an extra zing to any of your dishes – be it kebabs, dosas, chaat or samosa.

Thanks to technology, you can ditch thesil batta and use a mixer grinder instead to blend and prepare the condiment. The ingredients used in these are usually a combination of various whole and ground spices as well as green leafy vegetables.

Making Delicious Drinks

Be it drinking chilled smoothies or lassi on a hot summer day or a post-workout juice; you can get a juicer mixer grinder online that would make every drink taste heavenly!

Most of the drinks that you can make in a juicer mixer grinder just need you to use the juice blender jar that comes with it and doesn’t specifically require you to get a blender or food processor online.

In Conclusion

The mixer grinder is a modern innovation that reaffirms how household appliances have revolutionized Indian kitchens. From easing the process of making Indian traditional recipes to recreating international delicacies, the mixer grinder plays an incredibly effective role in every household.