Published On : Wed, Jul 14th, 2021

Bride calls off wedding ceremony in Ramtek, says ‘don’t like groom’

Nagpur: In an unusual event, a woman called off her wedding by making a phone call to the Police Control Room during the wedding ceremony at Rajmahal Resort near Ramtek on Tuesday. The matter got so tense that the police had to intervene. Ramtek Police called both parties at the police station and cancelled the wedding.

According to police sources, the bride was from Mauda while the groom was from Amravati. Relatives and family members were preparing for the wedding ceremony that was to be done at 12 noon on Tuesday.

However, just before the ceremony, the woman made a phone call to the Police Control Room and informed the cops that she does not want to marry the Amravati guy as she loves another person.

Relatives of the groom started creating a scene at the venue. Staff of Ramtek police station led by PI Pramod Makeshwar rushed to the spot and took both parties to the police station. It was learnt that the girl had told her mother last week that she does not like the Amravati guy.