Published On : Mon, Oct 11th, 2021

BREAKING TABOO: Mental Health Awareness

Being labeled as “world’s most depressing country” by World Health Organization (WHO) denotes it as a high time for India to raise awareness towards mental health and openly talk about the challenges faced. The covid-19 pandemic has brought along another yet mighty wave of a mental health epidemic. The stigma to portray a clean and conventional image before the stereotypical society stands firm.

World Mental Health Day around the globe is perhaps a spot-on time to drop the whispers and judgments for those coming out to discuss the trauma. Creating a safe space for all and sundry; normalizing anxiety disorders, depression, paranoia, eating disorders, bipolar affective disorder or may it be psychotic disorders is highly anticipated.

The vicious cycle of shame and name-calling has to be stopped. Tackling the issue of mental health is complicated enough, imagine being tagged as lunatic or psycho and also steering the battle going inside your head. Not a very favoring state of affairs I am guessing. The blinders have to go down, the veiling in taboo has to be replaced by open communications. Hence, the world needs to open the doors to a haven, where mental health talks are tailored in as accustomed.

A daunting but effective approach of speaking openly and admitting the struggles of mental illness will help one to empower oneself. In today’s era, it is necessary to acknowledge that manifesting vulnerability by admitting to agony is not an old chestnut rather is paramount fundament.

By just swapping the way we perceive mental illness from a sign of weakness and shame to a more unprejudiced talking point, we can make a whole lot of difference. A subtle change will make it simpler to examine the symptoms and procure the much-needed aid. Only by creating a secure harbor for the convalescent, we will get the better of it. This Mental Health Day let’s amend our contemplation and take steps to build a better world by breaking this taboo for mental illness. Let’s talk about mental health, it’s a ‘disorder’ not a ‘decision’.

– PRISHITA RATHI ( ILS Law college)