Published On : Sun, Oct 14th, 2012

Unrest at Deshonnati; in a bid to save owners life, guard shoots guard;

The accused being interrogated by the Police

Just In – Nagpur Crime News: Employees working in Deshonnati Newspaper’s printing press at Gondkhairi, Wadi went on a rampage today. In defense one of the security guards working there fired a bullet which hit another guard. This has caused panic and rage among the employees. The situation could have worsened but on getting information police immediately reached the spot and is currently controlling the situation. Employees weren’t paid salaries since the past 2 months and the tension between the employer and workers today reached a new high when they got to know that the owner Prakash Pohre had come to the press. Everyone gathered and approached Pohre to discuss about their problems and request for their salaries. The adamant and recalcitrant behaviour of Pohre irked the employees further which set temperatures soaring. According to Prakash Pohre, the angry group of employees attacked him. In an attempt to defend Pohre, a security guard fired a shot which hit another security guard, Rajendra Dupare,  killing him.  Along with the police, a Special Task Force has also been deployed to control the situation. Police is currently investigating the matter only after which will truth surface.

Deceased Rajendra Dupare.