Published On : Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Three people die of electrocution in Rajat Apartments at Mankapur

die of electrocution
: In what could be mentioned as sheer unfortunate, three people are said to have died of electrocution in Rajat Apartment in Mankapur at around 12: 30 pm on June 2, 2016.

Sources said that at around 12:30 pm the Police Control Room received a panic call claiming that three people have died because of electrocution in Rajat Apartments at Mankapur. When the cops went to the spot, they found two women and a man had died of electrocution. Prima-facie it appears that the three deceased received a deadly electric jolt from the cooler installed inside the flat.

According to sources, the deceased are identified as

  1. Kishore Ambadas Damle aged 61 years
  2. Anjali Kishore Damle aged 55 years
  3. Vinisha Kamlesh Kale aged 33 years

Electrocution in Rajat Apartments at Mankapur (1)
All the three deceased are said to be residents of Flat No 312 of Rajat Enclave Wing-“B”, Zingabai Takli, Mankapur area.

According to reliable sources, Kishore Ambadas Damle is said to be a Retired Assistant Police Sub-Inspector. During investigation, it came to fore that the daughter of Rahul and Anjali Damle, identified as Vinisha Kamlesh Kale (married) had received the electric current. Both the parents rushed to save the daughter and they too received the electric jolt and died.

Electrocution in Rajat Apartments at Mankapur
Meanwhile the cops have performed the formalities of panchanama and have dispatched the bodies to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (Mayo) for post-mortem.

Electrocution in Rajat Apartments at Mankapur.
Rajat Enclave