Published On : Wed, Oct 10th, 2012

Angry mob lynches history sheeter in Vasantrao Colony; hundreds of unruly locals surround Sitabuldi police station


Nagpur Crime News : Sheikh Iqbal, a known history sheeter, wanted in several criminal cases was killed by irate residents of Vasantrao Naik Zhoppadpatti, near Patrakar Sahanivas, Civil lines at around 10:30 p.m. Sheikh Iqbal and Sheikh Akram, both brothers  were into quite a few illegal businesses since the past few years. They were running  a huge gambling den in the Zhoppadpatti. Most residents of the slum are street hawkers and labourers. The brothers were a part of a gang which would harass residents, spread terror, beat up people and were involved in several eve teasing incidents including rape of women living in the slum itself. A few people from the slum were a part of the gang too. Conditions in the slum were turning from bad to worse. According to sources, the gambling den would sometimes house certain city big wigs too. Helpless as the residents were, they finally took law into their own hands and around a 600 to 700 hundred strong mob clubbed Sheikh Iqbal to death.

Before this incident, at around 10:15 pm, 5 goons including Sheikh Iqbal and Sheikh Akram entered the slum waving sharp edged weapons. Apart from vandalizing, they beat up a few people too. They had come with the intention of murdering someone. Details of which are unknown. There were several complaints lodged in the police station against the deceased and the other 4. The goons despite the complaints and cases, continued harassing the residents. Highly frustrated of this, the slum dwellers in extreme rage while retaliating, gathered and followed the 5 till Patrakar Sahanivas. The mob then killed Sheikh Iqbal, hitting him on the head repeatedly with sticks and stones. Meanwhile the other 4 out of which one was Sheikh Akram one of the 7 brothers of the deceased, managed to escape. The police on information, immediately reached the spot, only to find Sheikh Iqbal’s dead body lying in a pool of blood and in a rather mutilated condition. The head was almost severed from the rest of the body. The police were then surrounded by the mob who also then assaulted the cops and broke the wind shield of a Police Jeep bearing number MH 31 – AG  – 9516. Somehow the cops managed to save their skin by escaping.

Following the lynching, the angered lot then reached the Sitabuldi Police Station. The mob demanded the custody of Sheikh Akram, brother of the deceased. The residents surrounded the police station and demanded custody of Sheikh Akram and weren’t budging. The crowd started growing with each passing moment as most of the slum dwellers wished to fight injustice their own way. After quite a few heated scuffles and altercations, the Police managed to disperse the crowd by 2:00 a.m. escorting them to the slum. The body of Sheikh Iqbal was taken to GMC. Situation is tense in Sitabuldi, Vasantrao Naik Zhoppadpatti and around GMC. The crowd dispersal presently doesn’t indicate any sort of peace or compromise. As per sources, there is a probability of future action in regards to this incident.  Riot control squads and Vajra (riot control vehicles) along with many other policemen were also deployed in and around Sitabuldi Police station to combat any untoward incident.

This incident reminds of the Akku Yadav killing, when in the same way, troubled and harassed residents took matter into their own hands killing Akku in Nyay Mandir in full public view. Quite a few mob lynchings have taken place earlier in the city too. The killing of 3 eve teasers in May 2012, the killing of 3 Bahurupiyas in May 2012, the murder of Akku Yadav in August 2004 and now this gory incident. When the men of law fail to guarantee security to commoners, they then take matters into their own hands meting out justice as per their satisfaction.