Published On : Sat, Nov 1st, 2014

Breach in Navegaon-Khairi RBC affect Water supply

breach 1Nagpur: Localities from West and parts of South and Central Nagpur will receive low pressure and restricted water on Nov. 1 afternoon till Nov. 2 afternoon following a major breach in Right Bank Canal (RBC) of Navegaon Khari dam.

It may be mentioned here a breach has occurred in Right bank Canal (RBC) at 19Km from Navegaon-Khairy dam. The location of breach is at Nimba village.

The gates (to release water into the RBC) at the Navegaon-Khari Dam has been closed and water level in the canal is slowly receding. Due to that presently only two pumps are operational from NMC-OCW’s Mahadula pumping station and as water reduces they will also stopped by Nov 1. morning.

breach 2The repair work of breach in canal by Irrigation Department is under progress and is expected to be completed earliest by Saturday Nov 1, evening. The Navegaon –Khairi Dam gates are expected to be opened tomorrow evening and water will arrive at Mahadula only on Nov 2, afternoon.

Due to this the potable water supply to the city will get adversely affected from st Nov. afternoon till 2nd Nov, evening as Pench-2 pumping is directly 1 dependent on supply from Mahadula raw water pumping.