Published On : Tue, Jan 2nd, 2018

Boozy revellers go on rampage at Le Méridien over shabby New Year gala

Nagpur: All hell broke loose at Hotel Le Méridien as boozy revellers went on rampage over poor arrangements for the New Year eve celebrations. The hotel, in the name of New Year gala, sold tickets to large number of customers but made little arrangements for them. The ‘deceived’ revellers poured their anger by creating bedlam at the hotel. What was witnessed was shards of chandeliers, broken plates and tables strewn over the grand ballroom of Hotel Le Méridien on Sunday night. Timely arrival of cops averted a possible untoward incident, according to media reports.

According to media reports, the Wardha-road based Hotel had gone on advertising spree for celebration of New Year. The ads ‘lured’ the customers with grand foodies and drinks. The Hotel Management had fixed a special entry fee (ticket). The young revellers, cherishing to welcome the New Year with delicious stuff, high booze and dancing, had purchased the tickets with hefty amounts. But on the 31st Night, revellers stormed the hotel well above the limits on the basis of tickets, the reports said.

According to the customers, despite pocketing money in thousands the Hotel Management had not made sufficient arrangements for food and liquor. Both the stuff ran out before 11 pm. The customers waited and waited for food but what they saw the blank faces of waiters. Running out of patience, the enraged revellers went on rampage. Finding only waiters at the scene, all hell broke loose. Chairs, tables and plates were smashed. The atmosphere turned tense. The customers started demanding their money back. But before the situation went ballistic, a posse of Sonegaon police reached the hotel and calmed the frayed tempers. Finding the hotel management at fault, the cops sought explanation for the shabby affairs, stated the media reports.

No complaint or offence registered:

There was talk of a case registered over the chaos. But when the Sonegaon police were contacted in this connection, they said that since no one lodged complaint in the sordid episode, hence no case was registered by them, media reports said.