Published On : Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Bombay HC orders to shoot down Man-Eater Bor Tigress

Nagpur: Nagpur bench of Mumbai High court has issued death orders against the deadly Bor Tigress that had become a threat to human lives of the area killing two people in between September 19 and October 2. The T- 27 cub-1 tigress has become a life threat to people of Kondhali area for past one month. It killed has total of 4 people – two in Brahmapuri and two more after it was released in Bor Tiger Reserve.

Chief Forest Officer (Wild Life), A.K. Mishra had released orders to kill the tigress considering her as a danger to humans in the Bor area. Jerryl Banait had filed a petition challenging the decision. The bench headed by Justice Bhushan Dharamadhikari and Swapna Joshi, after conducting a hearing in the matter, have released death sentence for the tigress.

After the petition was filed, court had issued a ‘stay’ on the killing on October 4. The court had directed forest department to add details to its orders, after which a fresh communiqué was released on October 9. It was submitted in the court next day. Hearing the same, the court has kept the forest department’s decision unchanged. As soon as the verdict was out, the forest department has already started to act on hunting down the tigress.

During the conduct, petitioner’s lawyer, Tushar Mandlekar had appealed to ensure that the Tigress is fatal. To the same, Forest Department’s lawyer Kartik Shukun stated the episodes in which people were killed by it. The Tigress was captured from Brahmapuri in July 2017 and kept in Bore Tiger Reserve. Hunter Safat ASli Khan has been called to Nagpur to shoot the Tigress.