Published On : Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

Bollywood actress Suhasini weds at 60!

suhasini 4Don’t get surprised, for love is not bound by any age factor! Popular Bollywood as well as Marathi actress Suhasini Mulay, bypassing the age-criterion and all social conventions, married at the age of 60 in year 2011. She chose her life partner, Atul Gurtudan, aged 65, a physicist by profession, on social networking site Facebook and did what she liked, proving that no one can get bound by age for marriage. Both wife and husband are from different professions but similar in their taste for love-making. Some more interesting tit-bits about her are as follows:

** Suhasini and Gurtudan got married as per Indian custom in year 2011, at the age ratio of 60:65.

**Suhasini is also a popular actress in Hindi TV serial ‘Udaan’ playing the role of Dadi.

**She has played the role of Amir Khan’s mother in ‘Lagaan’ movie.

**She was mother of Akshay Kumar in ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ movie.

**In 1999, she bagged Best Supporting Actress National Award in Guljar’s film Tu Tu Main Main.

** She studied in Mack Ingle University in Montreal, Canada and completed the course in Agricultural Technology. She also studied Mass Communication Degree Course in the same University.

**Suhasini often lived alone in life, and yet lived in live-in relationship for a long time, and in year 1990 she moved out of such relationship.