Published On : Tue, Mar 22nd, 2016

Bogus tax man relieves house owner of Rs 15000 in Lakadganj

Nagpur: A conman, posing as a tax man, relieved a middle-aged man to the tune of Rs 15,000 in the name of illegal construction. The incident took place in Lakadganj area on Monday afternoon. The accused trickster is being searched by cops.

The victim Dilip Tulshiram Chahande (53), resident of House No. 1086/54, Gondpura, Shantinagar, was alone in his house. Around 1.30 pm on Monday, an unidentified man (40 years) came to Dilip’s house and told him that he has come from Tax Office. The bogus tax man further told Dilip that the necessary permission was not taken for construction of second floor.

“I am a peon of Patwari and that the illegal construction will be demolished,” the trickster warned Dilip and thus scared him to the core. With these scary words, the unidentified conman demanded Rs 7000-8000 from Dilip to spare the construction from being demolished. Dilip pleaded that the money will be given but only after he mortgages the gold ‘mangalsutra’ and ear tops collectively valued at Rs 15,333. But the fake tax man himself took the gold stuff and asked Dilip to bring Rs 8,000 and take back the ornaments. Later, the bogus peon of Patwari fled the spot along with the gold booty.

Lakadganj API S S Mole has booked the bogus tax man under Section 420 of IPC and searching him