Published On : Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014

BOE meeting concludes without discussion on holding special exam for 6616 students

NU1113Nagpur News.

The meeting of the Board of Examination (BOE) held on Tuesday, July 1, concluded without any appropriate discussion on holding of Special examination.  Actually, the decision on having special examination does not come under the purview of the Board of Examination (BOE). In fact, the resolution passed by the Academic Council to allow 6616 students from 63 banned colleges to appear for examination should not have been put in the BOE in the first place. Such matter comes under the purview of the Ordinance Committee.

According to information, during the meeting, a University higher official was reprimanded by the Acting Vice Chancellor Anoop Kumar for leaking out some information pertaining to the meeting. Actually, the BOE meeting is conducted to discuss and pursue steps in the interest of the students. However, after the meeting concluded on Tuesday, the university officials were tight lipped to disclose any details of the meeting obviously due to berating by the VC.

Now, it seems that the resolution will be discussed in the next Management Council meeting.