Published On : Fri, Jun 14th, 2013
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Board opens Science doors for students with 35 pc marks; opens doors to disaster, too

Nagpur News:

The Maharashtra Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, has in a decision opened the doors for the students who have obtained 35 per cent marks to get admissions in Science Stream. However, the Board has opened the doors for a major controversy, too. Now, the questions are being raised over the seriousness the 35 per cent students would consider to Science subjects looking to the abysmal marks they have obtained in the subjects.

According to knowledgeable sources, only 5 per cent students, who have passed with such a low percentage, could be able to avail of the benefits of the Board decision. The remaining 95 per cent students most probably would show the negative aspect towards the Board move. The experts in the education field apprehend the snowballing the Board decision into a major controversy.

THE DIFFICULTIES: The experts further feel, the lowly passed students would face enormous problems in learning or understanding the hard and challenging Science subjects. Only five per cent students would be able to show good results on the Science front, opined the experts.

The Maharashtra Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, has freshly approved the syllabus or courses on the lines of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) system. But the Board could face more problems than the betterment due to the decision. The students in future could focus on the Science Stream in great number but their decision could make mockery of them as far as learning or understanding the hardest Science subjects. The unimaginable situation is most likely to create inferiority complex if the other smart lot achieves an outstanding success in the Science.

POOR PICTURE: The much needed employment would play the key role in the option of the lowly passed students as they would certainly feel that the Science can provide them many job opportunities. The hopes of parents, too, would take a high after considering the benefits of Science Stream as far as their children’s dreams of a bright future is concerned. However, the situation could turn disastrous for both parents and the students if the good results ditch them. The present condition is a fresh example in the engineering front. The students with 45 per cent marks in the general category and the students with 40 per cent marks in backward class category could take admissions in engineering courses. However, the engineering courses have been proving a bane as the students are not being able to pass all the subjects at a stroke. Even after passing the courses successfully, the picture is very frustrating one as many students have failed to get jobs and cursing themselves for their poor fates.

It may be recalled that the Board has allowed the students who cleared class X exams with 35 per cent marks in Science enroll themselves in the class XI. This system is being applied to all category students. Till the last year, the 40 per cent marks were must for admissions to class XI in the Science Stream.

According to Deepak Bajaj, Principal of Mahatma Gandhi High School, the future situation looks bleak after considering the Board move to allow students with 35 per cent marks the admissions to Science Stream courses. The students would be in tremendous pressure in order to fulfill the wishes of their parents who must been expecting good results from their wards. The suicide incidents might see a jump if the students fail the exams, Bajaj feared. “The most disappointing aspect of all this chaos would be observed in the class XII exams with a very negative phenomenon,” Bajaj opined.