Board issues show cause to St John’s School for compelling students to opt for Sanskrit subject

Nagpur: The Gaddigodam-based St John’s High School, which hogging limelight for one controversy or another, has been issued a show cause notice by Nagpur Divisional Board Secretary Deshpande over selection of Sanskrit subject in Marathi composite language.

The crux of the matter is that the school selected Sanskrit subject as the second option in Marathi composite language for students of Class 10. This decision of the school put about 49 students in dilemma and they apprised their parents about the hardship. These students could lose one academic year. As the issue got knotty, some institutions protested the school decision. When the matter reached Nagpur Divisional Board, its Secretary Deshpande issued a show cause notice to St John’s High School. According to rules the state in which the school exists, the first subject is that of the school medium and the second subject is of state language. But this school compelled the 49 students of Class 10 to choose Sanskrit subject in Marathi composite language. This was the grievance of parents.

Commenting on the matter, Nagpur Divisional Board Secretary Deshpande said that the action taken was based on the complaints. “The school has been issued show cause notice. The school should have selected Marathi subject for Class 10 exam. But it selected Sanskrit subject instead.”

The school Principal Pattris Tirky said that the school has committed a mistake. The permission was sought from Pune Headquarters of the Board for this year. “The students had selected the subject on their own. Sanskrit subject is of 50 marks, Marathi 50 marks and there is separate Marathi subject of 100 marks. The 49 students had selected Marathi composite Sanskrit subject. The school taught Sanskrit subject for entire year. Maybe the combination of subjects was not right,” the Principal stated.

Commenting on the issue, Kamal Nagpalliwar of Janjagruti Samiti said that the state in which the school exists the subject of the state language is at number two. But the school sidelined Marathi language and selected Sanskrit language and compelled the student to opt for composite language. The school has played with educational career of the students. Stern action should be initiated against the school, Nagpalliwar demanded.