Published On : Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

Black Virus comes to haunt Nagpur’s card users; may suck bank balance

Nagpur News.

Beware all those going up for online shopping or making carefree card swipes at the retail counters!!! Black virus may squeeze your bank balance to nil. Like other metros the trend of online shopping is fast catching up in Nagpur too but little did the crazy shoppers know that in the process of making online transaction, an unwanted eye is keeping a tab on their bank accounts and could clean up all the cash parked in their accounts within no time. This latest entrant online is termed as “Black Virus” – technically known as Dexter Black POS Virus. While the shoppers fill up their information like name and addresses, the system infected with black virus passes on the vital information to the hacker on the other end. The fast spreading virus was recently detected at one of the retail terminal sale counters. According to official figures, ten such cases have been registered in Nagpur last year.

Deputy Commissioner of Police at Crime branch and City’s Cyber Cell Incharge Sunil Kolhe has issued alert to those performing online financial transaction and asked them to be extra careful while sharing their credit card information online. Cyber cops have also cautioned the buyers to be vigilant while making card swipes at retail stores.

Reserve Bank of India had in December last year made it mandatory for the debit card users to put pin numbers while making transaction at retail counters. This has paved way for the virus to spy on the secret codes.

How Black Virus Works?

‘Dexter Black POS Virus’ attacks any computer through denting the security of POS terminal and steals vital information about the users that range from the their names, account numbers, card’s validity, CVV codes and other key information that enable the hacker to empty the bank balance within few seconds.

You card may be cloned

Once the cyber thief is done with squeezing out all the information about ATM, credit or debit cards, he could make the fake card (clone) of the original, which can be used in transaction at ATM, retail counters or online. By the time the account holder realizes, his money is all drawn. Another trick being prominently used by these fraudsters is to seek information through phone calls in the name of bank authorities and the naïve users unknowingly share all the vital information about their cards and end up losing all their money secured in the bank accounts.

–       By Ravikant Kamble