Published On : Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

BJP’s Vision Maharashtra Document assures effective remedy to cure bad health of State

: Bharatiya Janata Party’s “Vision Maharashtra Document,” released by State Unit President Devendra Fadnavis in the run up to October 15 Assembly election, sees the health of Maharashtra in bad shape. The Vision Maharashtra Document “diagnoses” the ailments afflicting the health of State and assures an effective remedy to cure them with a slew of corrective measures.

Elaborating on the Document, Devendra Fadnavis lamented that in Maharashtra, 40 percent new born babies are weak and weigh less than normal, every second new born has congenital growth deformity. Most mothers in the State are minors, maximum are malnourished. “In an alarming situation, Mumbai-Nagpur region is emerging the Capital for HIV AIDS in the country. Maharashtra is 6th in the country in terms of total reported AIDS patients (UNICEF report). This is certainly a cause of worry. Moreover, most girls are anaemic within the State and adolescent girls have severe deficiency of Iron compound. Many child deliveries in the State are being done by untrained professionals and thus risking the lives of both, the new born and mother as well,” said Fadnavis.

“Outrageously, the fertile and nutritious food programmes in Maharashtra are caught in the web of indiscrete profiteering by greedy contractors and there are no visible initiatives to correct the wrong,” Fadnavis said and added the BJP’s Vision Maharashtra Document has an effective remedy to all ailments afflicting the State. Following are some of the visionary measures:
• Medical Treatment for all/ Medical Education to be encouraged, developed and spread across the State.
• Every family to have a Health Smart Card for tracking and availing various benefits. State-of-the art Labs for Food and Drug Testing to be established.
• District Administration to be held responsible and accountable for “Health” in rural areas, competent officers to be appointed in cities.
• Decisive steps to eliminate “Diarrhoea” in children and “Anemia” in women from the State.
• To review NUHM (National Urban Health Mission) and NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) against the backdrop of State’s Health Policy and carve out a comprehensive State Health Mission.
• Healthcare: Areas across the State will be mapped against various ailments and incidents and a comprehensive Healthcare plan for the citizens will be crafted. Advanced ambulances will be introduced.
• State Health Services Corporation will be established.
• Every District will have a Medical College and specified location to handle Emergency Services.
• The Topic of “Health” to be made an integral part of School education.
• The license to practice medicine to be awarded only after 2 years of mandatory rural medical internship.
• Will establish Radiology and Pathology services infrastructure across all remote areas in Maharashtra via the PPPP route. Cloud Technology /Telemedicine usage to be encouraged.
• In case of private funding in State’s initiatives, will ensure charges are at half the rate of the prevailing charges in private facilities.
• Trained paramedics in all remote and far-flung areas within the State.
• Every household to have medical insurance cover. Senior citizens will have special insurance cover to ensure they can live with dignity.
• Will encourage “Yoga”, holistic health improvement initiatives to build a Healthy Maharashtra.
• All districts to make available Generic Drugs.
• “Lek Ladki” programme, on similar lines as implemented by MP State to stop female foeticide.
• “Ayushman Bhav” Programme for Mother-Child to be launched statewide.


• Number of Super- Specialty hospitals to be increased across the State.
• Adequate Medical facilities will be established to treat “Kidney”, “Heart” and Cancer related ailments at District level. Any citizen with less than Rs 2 lakh annual income to be provided free medical treatment.