BJP’s Ramesh Shingare elected Chairman of NMC’s Standing Committee unopposed

Ramesh Shingare

Senior BJP Corporator Ramesh Shingare was elected Chairman of NMC’s Standing Committee unopposed. The election for post was held on Tuesday (March 3) at the Meeting Hall of Standing Committee in NMC’s Central Office in Civil Lines where Shingare was elected Chairman unopposed. After his election Shingare asserted that he will complete his tenure successfully under the guidance of top BJP leader and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Mayor Pravin Datke, Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari and other senior party leaders. Shingare further said that he will reveal his development plans after taking over the post. The takeover is likely to be held on March 5.

Soon after his election, Shingare went to the office of Ruling Party and sought blessings of Dayashankar Tiwari and Mayor Datke. On the occasion, the Deputy Mayor Munna Pokulwar, Sandeep Joshi, Munna Yadav, Gopal Bohre, Varsha Thakre and others felicitated the newly elected Chairman of Standing Committee Ramesh Shingare.

During the election meeting, the Additional District Collector Panjabrao Wankhede presided over as Election Officer. Ajay Ramteke was also present to assist Wankhede. When no other application came forward, the election process was taken ahead. Only 11 out of 16 members of Standing Committee were present. Those present included Narendra Borkar, Ramesh Shingare, Sharad Bante, Sanjay Balpande, Shravan Khapekar, Gopichand Kumre, Jagatram Sinha, Sangeeta Gire, Vidya Kanhere, Ishrat Nahid Ansari, and Kamil Ansari. The rest five members remained absent.

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Some BJP members sulking:

Expressing displeasure over party affairs, Corporator Thakre said the party deprives those active at party level and in their areas from beneficial posts. But the sources said that Thakre herself, indirectly or directly, was never active at any level. Moreover, she remained absent during election of Standing Committee Chairman but still was appointed member of the committee. It is beyond any sense, said the sources.

Borkar spits fire on Mayor:
The atmosphere at the election meeting turned steamy when the present Chairman of Standing Committee Narendra (Balya) Borkar vent his ire against the Mayor Pravin Datke. The incident occurred when all the bigwigs of BJP were returning to their chambers after filing of nomination by Ramesh Shingare. At that time Borkar said to Mayor, “Disrespecting me in this manner is not good. I am still the Chairman of Standing Committee.” The hot reaction by Borkar could be because of snubbing the newly elected Chairman Shingare doled out to Borkar over some contentious issue.