Published On : Fri, May 16th, 2014

BJP’s Nitin Gadkari close to win Nagpur seat

gadkariwinsNagpur News.

As anticipated, the BJP candidate from Nagpur Nitin Gadkari who was leading by 63324 votes eventually took his Congress archrival Vilas Muttemwar head on, registering a big win.

Sons of Gadkari

Happy Sons of Gadkari

As the news of his victory poured in, the enthusiasm within local BJP cadres escalated to thrilling high as the party workers sported mood for a grand celebration.

IMG_8282The bookies who offered the lowest bet on Gadkari too had presumed his win. While the atmosphere was lively at BJP office here, the Congress men felt let down leaving the party office to rest in cozy confines of their homes.

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::  Pics by Vicky Thorat and Sandeep Gurghate