Published On : Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

BJP’s divide and rule will finish India: Mamata on Assam NRC

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on the National Register of Citizens draft list in Assam. Excerpts from the press conference.

“This movement will turn into ‘Bangali khadao’ ‘Evict the Bengali’. West Bengal will be suffer the most. People with Aadhaar card, Pan Card, are not part of the NRC list even though they have been staying there for 50 years. Names of people were removed on the basis of surnames also. Is the Govt trying to do forceful eviction?:

“This is absolutely vote politics. People who will vote for the BJP are included.

“If 40 lakh people are excluded from the NRC list, how many people will be reconsidered? Where will be they go?

“Communication lines to Assam are down. If necessary I will go to Assam. My message to Assamese are we will be with you.

“This is a humanitarian problem. People are being isolated through a game plan. We are worried because people are being made refugees in their own country. It’s a plan to throw out Bengali speaking people and Biharis. Consequences will be felt in West Bengal also. The BJP’s divide and rule policy will simply finish the country.

“Does Centre have any rehabilitation program for them? Ultimately it is Bengal which will suffer.Its just vote politics by BJP. Request Home Minister to bring an amendment.”

Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said the draft National Register of Citizens for Assam is completely “impartial” and those whose names are not included shouldn’t panic as they will get an opportunity to prove their Indian citizenship. The home minister’s reaction came after the draft NRC was published today with the names of about 40 lakh residents of the state not being included. “No coercive action will be taken against anyone. Hence, there is no need for anyone to panic,” he told reporters.

The NRC will include the names of all Indian citizens who have been residing in Assam before March 25, 1971.
The application process for the NRC started in May 2015 and a total of 6.5 crore documents were received from 68.27 lakh families across Assam.