Published On : Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014

BJP Youth Vice President, Nidhi Kamdar, confident about Maharashtra “achche din”


Among the BJP party workers who attended Mr. Devendra Fadnavis’ swearing in ceremony yesterday at Wankhede stadium, was Ms. Nidhi Kamdar, who has been among the core team of Mr. Fadnavis during the elections.

Speaking with her and getting her first hand report about the event, one could feel her palpable excitement and euphoria about the future.

“There is going to be a paradigm shift in the way Maharashtra is going to be administered from now on” she said. “With young new blood at the helm, in both Delhi and Mumbai, there is going to be rapid development of not just Vidarbha and Nagpur but all under developed areas of the state. Devendra Fadnavis, our new CM is on the job already and he has held a series of meetings with Bureaucrats and his fledgling cabinet about the way forward . A blue print will be ready soon for all pending issues like removing the back log of Vidarbha, MIHAN and employment guarantee schemes for youngsters”.

“We, his team, are lucky to be part of this Change process, which we had only dreamt about; it is only for some very fortunate people that you get to live your dream and make it come true!” Said a jubilant Nidhi.

Asked about whether there was any sense of insecurity about Shiv Sena’s co operation, she replied:

“Not at all! When both parties want the same thing for Maharashtra, growth and progress, where is the problem? Our two parties have been together for 25 years, it is not a bond that will break overnight.”