Published On : Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

BJP workers holding rally sans police-permission thrashed by opponents

Nagpur: Bhartiya Janata Party workers, organizing rally for their victory in Koradi Grampanchayat election, that too without seeking permission from police, but just to tease and humiliate their opponents, Congress workers, who lost their battle to BJP, were thrashed by the opponents black and blue. The BJP workers had to apologize for their act and promised that they would never repeat such an act in future.

It may be mentioned that in the recently concluded elections in Koradi Grampanchayat, the Congress was badly defeated and the BJP made a sweeping victory. Overjoyed with the victory and just to humiliate the opponent, Congress, the BJP workers held their victory rally without seeking permission of the police. It is said that the BJP workers did all this over-confidently taking the influence of BJP Guardian Minister into consideration. Their victory-rally reached Panjra and the BJP workers deliberating stopping in front of the houses of Congress workers resorted to shouting sky-rending slogans aimed at Congressmen, which humiliated as well as irritated them.

Congress workers, taking advantage of the slip occurred on the part of BJP workers that they had failed to seek police permission for the rally, thrashed the BJP workers black and blue, even to the extent of hunting for them, catching hold of them and thrashing them. When about 150 BJP workers rushed to the Koradi police station to lodge a complaint against Congress workers, the police asked them whether they had sought police permission for rally. The BJP workers then had their face downward, and with the apprehension of some action against them for disturbing law and order situation stealthily moved away from police station.

Realizing their mistake they had to apologize to the Congress workers that they would never repeat the same in future.