BJP planning to hold next NMC election on division system basis instead of ward-wise

Nagpur: The citizens of Second Capital City of Nagpur could witness the 2017 elections of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) altogether differently if the mind of Ruling Party is read correctly. Plans are afoot to conduct the elections on division basis and not on the traditional ward-wise. That too one division consisting of three wards each. This change of system could, however, shatter the dreams of small-time workers and parties who favour ward-wise elections for certain benefits.

At present, BJP is ruling in the NMC, State and Centre. The tenure of BJP in NMC could not be termed as successful as one would have wished. With some drawbacks haunting, the party is not risking its chances by participating in single elections. In the single elections, anybody from anywhere can push the party on the edge. Moreover the disgruntled workers of the party could spoil the party of many present office-bearers in the coming elections. Keeping in the mind all these aspects, the Ruling Party is planning to hold the 2017 NMC election on the division system basis rather than ward-wise basis.

Moreover, the present political situation has changed after the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in which the BJP carved out handsome victories. During these two vital elections, the party had reportedly promised NMC candidature to many loyal workers. This promise will also play an important role in the coming election as the snubbed workers could upset the applecart of many bigwig candidates. With the grand success in Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the party workers and leaders as well are queuing up in long lines to grab tickets for NMC election in the hope of riding the victory wave.

The other parties like Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena too could be in different challenging situations. The challenge of fielding right and winnable candidates. There are chances that many of the leaders and workers of these three parties fighting the NMC elections from BJP quota. The division-wise elections mean victories only for big parties and rich candidates.

The ruling game: Paigwar:

The City Janata Dal (United) President Ravindra Paigwar termed the plan of BJP to hold next NMC elections on division system basis as aimed at clinging to power at any cost. The active and loyal workers would be deprived of candidacy in this system of election. This is unjust move by the ruling party and could be called a policy of robbing the basic rights of common people, said Paigwar.