Published On : Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

BJP and Modi busy dividing society, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi:
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today alleged that the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were busy dividing society in their quest to retain power. Only the Congress ideology could take on the BJP and the RSS, he said at a party rally.

Gandhi also took potshots at the Modi-led government on demonetisation and described the exercise as a total flop. “Entire India knows that it turned the black money of India’s ‘thieves’ to white,” the Congress leader said.

“First they said demonetisation would result in checking terror. Then they said demonetisation would check black money. The reality is that everyone in India knows that 90 per cent of black money is in real estate, gold,” he said.

“We don’t know the reason why Modi was after the cash of farmers, poor labourers and housewives,” he said. Gandhi also took a dig at RBI, saying it took almost a year to announce that 99 per cent of the scrapped currency had been returned to the coffers.

“We had asked in Parliament about the amount of black money unearthed in the demonetisation exercise. It took RBI a year to say that 99 per cent of old money came back in the coffers,” the Congress leader said. He blamed the government for GDP reaching “a low of 4.5 per cent”. “Who will own responsibility for this? The prime minister is responsible for this,” Gandhi said.