Published On : Mon, Jun 4th, 2018

Bizarre case: Man rapes woman with marriage promise but his kin drive him away on wedding day

Nagpur: In a bizarre case, a man who exploited a woman sexually on the promise of marriage for over six years, was driven away by his mother and three other relatives on the day of marriage. The accused thus cheated the woman and her family to the tune of Rs 3 lakh spent for the marriage ceremony.

The accused, Pravin Shivcharan Shamkuwar, resident of Bhandeplot, Sevadal Nagar, lured the 27-year old woman with tying nuptial knot with her in the year 2012. Since then Pravin abused the woman sexually till June 3, 2018. As per ‘promise’ of the accused, his ‘marriage’ with the victimised woman was fixed on June 3. However, in a quirk of twist and turn, the mother of accused Pravin, Sushilabai Shivcharan Shamkuwar and three other relatives namely Pranita Nitin Salve, Anita Sachin Bahadure and Anita Saumitra Meshram, all residents of Bhandeplot, Sevadal Nagar, drove away Pravin and did not allow him to come for the fixed marriage. It could be the ploy of all the accused to scuttle the marriage with the exploited woman. The accused Pravin Shamkuwar, his mother, and three other relatives thus cheated the woman and her family to the tune Rs 3 lakh they spent for wedding ceremony apart from her sexual exploitation.

Sakkardara PSI Dole, based on the complaint of the victim woman, booked the accused Pravin Shamkuwar, his mother Sushilabai Shamkuwar, Pranita Salve, Anita Bahadure and Anita Meshram under Sections 376(2)(N), 420, 294, 323 of the IPC and probing the matter further.