Published On : Sat, Apr 25th, 2020

Bihar Foundation Nagpur Chapter distributed more than 600 dry ration and 7500 food packets

Bihar Foundation Nagpur Chapter is helping the needy people stranded away from home due to the country wide lock down. The Nagpur Chapter officials of Bihar Foundation have so far distributed more than 600 ration packets in addition to 7500 healthy cooked food packets.

The members of Chapter receive all the information from all the corners of Nagpur and its surrounding areas for the stranded Bihari labours and other needy people and reaching to their door step with required dry ration. They also get details of such people from centralised relief camp of Bihar Government which is operational round the clock.

The dry ration packets included all necessary grocery items with soap and mask for proper safety precautions. There is further plan to distribute at least 1000 more dry ration and 5000 cooked food packets to needy. Chapter is planning to identify few specific areas with maximum number of stranded Bihari labours for whom cooked food can be served daily till lockdown. They have to work strictly as per the guidelines issued by competent authority.

On behalf of Nagpur chapter, Patron Sh Arun Singh conveyed gratitude to Hon’ble CM Sh. Nitish Kumar for appreciating our work and releasing required fund from time to time. Sh Ashok Kumar, Chairman stated that we are able to extend support to needy persons across the city and adjoining areas due to our close coordination and timely support by Sh Ravishankar Srivastava and Sh Abhay Kumar from Headquarters.

Chairman also expressed gratefulness to local administration who has appreciated the work of the Foundation extending required support s and when required. He acknowledged the gesture of Nagpur Police who is extending all the support to carry out these relief activities seamlessly.

Sh KMP Singh, Vice Chairman stated that the proactive support given by Government of Bihar has boosted the morale of all the members and the entire team of Nagpur Chapter has volunteered themselves to the support of stranded brothers and sisters of Bihar. Their seamless coordination among internal teams resulting into achievement of the common gaol.

Mr Rishikesh Thakur informed that Secretary Dr J L Giri, Anil Kumar, Pravin Singh, Sriniwas Singh, Prem Kumar Mishra, Manoj Kumar, Kumar Arvind, Raman Kumar Jha and other members are putting their relentless efforts to ensure the ration and food reaches to the needy persons.