Published On : Wed, Sep 1st, 2021
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Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

The classical model of education is changing under the influence of global trends and external factors. Universities are already incorporating online courses into their curricula, and it is becoming easier to acquire knowledge in a particular field online. The Internet allows us to get a diploma without leaving the room and buy a research paper for sale without opening a single textbook. Is the online education model so ideal, and what pitfalls does it hide?

Lack of live communication

There is no close communication between students with the teacher and with each other as offline, during which social connections are formed, and teamwork skills are acquired. As a rule, all communication is reduced to calls in Zoom or Skype and correspondence. Not all courses provide the opportunity to communicate with the teacher directly or with other students on the course. Because of the lack of face-to-face communication, the instructor cannot offer the student an individualized approach to learning.

Technical challenges

Not all countries or even areas of a particular country have free and seamless access to the Internet, without which online learning is impossible. Moreover, the capacity of some students’ gadgets may not be enough to complete the course, and they will need to spend extra money to upgrade their devices.


Employers are still skeptical or wary of certificates and diplomas from online training. Not all online courses have legal documents. A license for educational activity is an essential document for educational institutions that implement educational programs in any format.

User identification problem

It is not so important for training who is in front of the screen — it can be anyone. However, if you are supposed to receive a certificate, a diploma, at the end of the training, it affects the objectivity of evaluating the student’s knowledge and skills. In other words, you can ask anyone to take the test for you and get the desired certificate.

Lack of human resources

Another disadvantage of e-learning is the lack of competent professionals who know how to teach online. E-learning and face-to-face teaching is quite different. A teacher should be able to deliver information through a computer screen in an interesting, understandable, and vivid way.


Motivation is considered to be the main difficulty in taking online courses. A high level of self-organization and responsibility is not the strongest trait of the human character. According to statistics, from 40 to 60% of students drop out before completing the course. Choosing online learning, you need to be sure that you can competently organize the learning process, giving enough time for classes and homework. Moreover, e-learning increases the chances of procrastinating.

Lack of practice

It is difficult to teach specialties that involve a large number of practical exercises remotely. Even the most advanced simulators will not replace live practice for future doctors or teachers.

Quality of services

The verification problem described, unfortunately, works both ways. The student is also limited in their preliminary evaluation of the material offered. They often understand that the courses are of low quality after paying for them and a few classes. Careful attention to the choice of programs, studying reviews, and ratings will help to solve the issue.

The rapid development of online learning is gradually minimizing the disadvantages. However, people who are prone to procrastination and find it difficult to organize their time should still give preference to classical learning formats so as not to throw money away and waste time. In this era of incredible learning opportunities, you can definitely find the perfect option for you to gain new knowledge and improve yourself.