Biggest COVID-19 spike in Nagpur, 3796 tests positive, 23 death

Nagpur: Even the lockdown has failed to prevent surge in coronavirus cases in Nagpur district. The district witnessed 3,796 testing positives for coronavirus in one single day on Thursday. Nagpur rural witnessed 880 new cases while city’s count was 2,913 came positive for this dreaded virus. This has taken the cumulative positive cases to 1,82552.

The death count is also moving up as the districts report 23 deaths in a single day. Nagpur rural reported 6 deaths while 14 became victims to coronavirus from the city alone taking the cumulative death count to 4528.

Number of recoveries is too low with recovery rate constantly falling down. If one considers the number of persons recovering in one single day on Wednesday, it is less than half the number of persons testing positive for coronavirus. Today 1277 became corona free in the district while 23 deaths.

The cumulative recovery reached 1,54410. The recovery rate has come down to 84.58%. This has an impact on active cases. The number of active cases crossed the 20,000 mark and stood at 23,614.