Published On : Mon, Jan 18th, 2016

Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha or Prince Narula – who do you think will be the WINNER this year?

bigg bossA journey that began with 14 odd contestants is finally coming to an end. This coming weekend, host Salman Khan along with ex-flame Katrina Kaif will be seen declaring the winner of the ninth season of Bigg Boss from the current finalists namely- Mandana Karimi, Prince Narula, Rishabh Sinha, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao. It’s definitely going to be one helluva finale week and it can’t get any better than this. But considering the winner will be decided upon the number of votes that you guys put in, who according to you is well deserving to win this year? Let’s analyse individually…

Mandana Karimi

I’m sure most of us at first assumed Mandana would just remain as a mere attraction on the show, given that she is so sexy AND is a firang import. But boy, what a challenger! Despite not knowing Hindi, despite being the most hated person in the house, Mandana made sure she stays strong no matter what worse hits her! Yes I agree there were times when we judged her for being framed and even today we have our doubts placed whether Salman is favoring her or let’s say if the channel is favoring her. But having said that, can we claim her to be a weak performer? Think about it..

Rishabh Sinha

A wild card like a winner- now that’s Rishabh Sinha for you! This guy has had his fall outs with almost everyone inside the house, but that in return has only made him a lot more stronger. He has evolved as an individual and is the only wild card, challenging the finalists right now. No fake relationships, no fake strategies- just rebel and there he is- getting closer to the finale with every passing day. Well played, boy!

Prince Narula

As his name suggests, Prince continues to lead the game. He already holds a record of winning reality shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla. But will his winning legacy continue with Bigg Boss too? Well, considering his massive popularity, he is quite likely to win this show. In fact, his attitude is so much like a replica of last season BB8 winner, Gautam Gulati. But you never know, arch rival Rishabh is turning out to be a major threat against Prince this time. Will Prince be able to beat that? Only time will tell…

Rochelle Maria Rao

Her strategy is simple – Love Keith and the rest explains. No seriously! It’s sad but Rochelle’s identity has only been restricted to Keith. She did try breaking that perception, when Keith was away for a while but as soon as he returned again on the show, Rochelle was back to her ‘nagging girlfriend’ self. Some may find it cute but many may find it irritating. Will love make her win?

Keith Sequeira

What goes for Rochelle, same applies for Keith too. It’s okay to be in love and to spend time with your loved one, but not all the time right? Trust me, I was genuinely a Keith supporter at the beginning of the show because he was the only one who was so calm and composed at all given situations. He still is. But now it’s getting a little too good for a show like Bigg Boss. Will his niceness win over everything?

It’s time for you guys to pick your favourite. Who do you think deserves to win Bigg Boss 9? Vote in the given box below and do come back to BollywoodLife for the final verdict!