Published On : Fri, Oct 3rd, 2014

Big Boss house inmates shocked on Sonali Raut’s return


India’s one of the most popular reality show, Big Boss is getting spicier by every passing day and taking lot of unexpected turns.

Sonali Raut’s re-entry to house has become the most shocking part of Big Boss. Day 11 started with Diandra bad mouthing about Gautam’s action a night ago. Soni tells Puneet and Praneet about everyone’s collective decision to boycott Gautam.

At the breakfast table, Deepshika, Karishma and a few others order Praneet to make tea for them. Praneet accepts their order calmly and indulges in a hush-hush talk with Puneet while doing the work. He tells Puneet that when the right time comes, he will make them all make 50 cups of tea a day.

Process of nominations for elimination starts after Big Boss announcement. Gautam gets maximum 14 votes, Sukriti makes it to the nominations’ list as per Sonali’s exit voting right and Praneet gets 9 votes. All except Gautam gave their vote in the confession room.

Moment it was over the inmates went into shock to see Sonali Raut entering the house.Well, her return received mixed reactions from the inmates. Gautam looked happy while some wondering as to why did she return?