Bhandewadi dumping yard blaze continues despite NMC’s efforts

Even as the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has pushed fire and emergency services into action to contain the raging fire in Bhandewadi dumping yard, it failed to douse it completely.

Though the staffers tried drawing out water from the NMC’s Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), they couldn’t suction it as the water was in motion.

Members of Green Vigil Foundation had proposed an alternative to NMC of using treated sewage from the plant as an alternative for water.

Fire-fighters informed that as it is a huge area, the dry waste is easily catching fire. “Sparks of fire get carried away by wind and thus there are fresh fire outbreaks,” they said.

The fighters started following a new technique to permanently extinguish the fire. “We are suppressing the waste inside the pits using excavators. It is like blanketing the waste, oxygen is completely cut-off, reducing the chances of it catching fire,” said an official.

The fire broke on Tuesday around 9:45 am. Two rows of windrows that were created as a part of bio-mining process were burned. The burning area is estimated to be around 6 acre. Till now, over 2.16 lakh litres of water is used to douse the fire.