Published On : Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Beware: Visiting GMCH for Swine Flu information may put you on the edge

GMCH, Nagpur
Nagpur: The dreaded Swine Flu is spreading its tentacles in an alarming magnitude in Nagpur but the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) could be of no use if one wants to know the number of patients in the grip of the disease. Rather, you could get inflicted by the disease if you dare to visit the hospital as the senior doctor would send you directly to the Swine Flu Ward for the information you desire to collect.

The GMCH Superintendent Dr Hedau is currently on leave. In his place, Dr Rajesh Gosavi is handling the charge. But this doctor has been found so irresponsible that if you visit him for seeking information regarding the Swine Flu cases then he will send you directly to the Ward and get updated about the information you want. Visiting the Swine Flu Ward just for information is fraught with the risk of affecting yourself with the highly contagious disease.

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The dreaded H1N1 virus which is also known as Swine Flu thrives in changes in the weather. A surge in swine flu cases in the city could be attributed to low temperature and the high moisture content in the air. The humid conditions currently prevailing provide conducive atmosphere for the virus to spread. Coming in direct contact with the inflicted patient could spell trouble for people with low immunity who are generally vulnerable to infections. In such situation, sending someone to the ward directly just for seeking information regarding the number of patients is sheer foolishness on the part of In-charge GMCH Superintendent Dr Gosavi.