Published On : Sat, Apr 4th, 2015

Beware! NMC-OCW jointly starts Tullu Pump Seizure drive in city

fsdfNagpur: Beware people! especially those who are illegally using Booster (Tullu) pumps to fetch more volume of water. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Orange City Water (OCW) have jointly started a massive “Tullu Pump Seizure Drive” all over city, in a bid to stop these people from illegally fetching more volume of water and thus creating low pressure or no water problems for other residents in localities.

With the mercury already hovering around 40 to 42 degree Celsius mark, it is often seen that some people start using (illegally) the Booster (Tullu) Pumps to fetch more volume of water. Thus they snatch water from others which is not just unlawful but is also immoral. Using booster pumps is a punishable offence as per NMC’s water bylaw and strict action may be initiated against the defaulters.

Meanwhile in an action by NMC-OCW Laxminagar zone officials, two Tullu pumps were seized from Sainath Nagar locality on April 3 night while 4 more pumps were seized from Rahul Nagar and Somalwada area on April 4.

As per the NMC’s Water Rate Bylaw ”If a booster pump or any other contrivance is connected directly to the communication / supply pipe then in such an event, the Executive Engineer or his authorized representative in addition to disconnecting the water supply shall seize such contrivance without notice and the Consumer shall be prosecuted by the Corporation. The seized material shall not be returned in any case: Provided that the cost of restoration of water supply shall be borne by the consumer”.

Resident of Hanuman Nagar Zone Mrs. Rohini Upasani stated, “Often we face low pressure supply problem because of use of booster pumps by the residents of surrounding area. It is very frustrating that despite NMC-OCW’s sincere efforts for providing water to us even in summer, due to the ill-practises of some people we have to unduly face scarce supply. Mr Upasani has appealed people using booster pumps to stop using such illegal appliances.

Another senior citizen Mrs. Ashatai Tijare, resident of Garudkhamb Road, Mahal expressed her displeasure on the usage of Tullu pump by her neighbourhood residents due to which she does not get even necessary volume of water and has requested the defaulters to have empathy and try to respect the needs of fellow citizens.

Resident of Khamla Dr. Abhishek Sambre said that after the OCW-NMC’s Tullu pump seizure drive last year wherein defaulters faced stern action, this year we are hopeful that people will not use the pumps and the rest of the legal consumers would be relieved from the woes arising due to booster pump usage of others.

In summers, already the consumption of water rises drastically due to more requirement for water for drinking. In addition, many people use municipal water in air coolers which worryingly increases the consumption. On top of all this, the booster pumps create the biggest problem in the equitable distribution of water.

The special Tullu Pump seizure squad would carry out surprise inspections and due action would be initiated against the defaulters. The special squad would be a 6 member team working under the supervision of Zone Delegates of NMC and Zone Managers of OCW.

OCW-NMC appeals citizen not to use booster (Tullu) pumps. They also appeal the vigilant citizens if they find booster pumps being used they should inform the OCW’s 24×7 Toll Free Helpline at 1800-266-9899 or they can also inform it to Zonal Managers/NMC Delegates at NMC-OCW Zonal offices.