Published On : Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

Beware Nagpur! Responding to pesky missed calls may lead you to ‘dirty’ network


Nagpur: Picture this… Keshav Kashyap (name changed) receives a missed call from a number 00370(697)96683. Thinking the number of some relative abroad, he curiously called back. But to his shock and dismay, the female voice on the other end tried to engage him in talking all the dirty stuff related to sex. The moment he hangs on the phone, he realizes that a major amount of his talk time balance is gone. This is not the solo case in Nagpur by the way!

All dirty talks are mostly consigned to porn sites, which have been the case of concern lately. But if you are thinking these sites are solo culprits, you could be proved wrong! A dirty network of sex talks has been fast spreading its ugly expanse on the mobile users of Nagpur. And the mode of operation – missed call on your number and you inadvertently revert back only to land at the malicious forum of discussion. The phone lines leading to higher call charges often indulge their ‘prey’ into these talks and consume much of their mobile’s talk time at much higher prices.

“This ugly network is the porn’s partner in crime. They bring the users under impression that it is an international call. And when you reply they try to engage you with all the indecent talks for maximum possible time. This way they get a good chunk of money deducted from the user’s talk time balance,” said Keshav.

Nagpur Today learnt that the notorious network is operating in the confines of the city through the dubious friendship club. These clubs often place small advertisements in newspapers, flashing some numbers dialing on which leads to higher call charges. As the concerned was raised over the conduct, these criminals have not adopted a different route to squeeze out money from the users falling into their trap.

“Only thing to avoid such elements is to ignore the missed calls from the number above or similar looking numbers,” Keshav added.