Published On : Wed, Aug 21st, 2019

Best Date Night Dessert Recipe

Planning a romantic dinner with your S.O.? Surprise him/her with a delectable and gorgeous-looking dessert by Chef Neelabh Sahay, Executive Chef at Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residences.

Chocolate Raspberry Spheres
1000gms Dark Chocolate
500gms Cream
92gms Whole Eggs -1
225gms Egg yolk
200gms Caster sugar
900gms Whipping cream
675gms Raspberry puree
55 sheets Gelatin
400gms Almond powder
2 nos Orange zest
1000gms White chocolate Callebaut coins
225gms Liquid glucose
160gms Condensed milk
225gms Granulated Sugar

Raspberry Colour –
225gms White chocolate
125ml Water
Cold gel-90gms

Mirror glaze
Boil the water, granulated sugar, and liquid glucose at 104 degrees Celsius and then add white chocolate callets along with milkmaid and gelatin sheets. Blend this till you get the consistency and keep it aside.

Raspberry cremeux
Cook the whole eggs, egg yolk, and sugar in Baine Marie till the velvety texture appears. Now add the raspberry puree and cook for a while, now add the butter after this add gelatin, put it in a mould and set aside.

Chocolate Mousse
Cook the milk and cream together, meanwhile take the sugar and egg yolk in a separate container and mix it properly. When the milk and cream get warm dilute it with egg yolk and sugar mixture and cook till you get a velvety texture. Now add the dark chocolate till it dissolves and keep it aside and cool it.
After it cools down fold in soft beaten whipped cream along with gelatin.

Mix all the ingredients like flour, almond flour, eggs, orange zest form it into a dough, sheet it and cut that in the desired shape.

Firstly, take the chocolate mousse and half fill the mould, meanwhile demould the raspberry cremeux.

Now place the cremeux in middle of the half-filled mould, and then cover it up with remaining chocolate mousse on top of it.

Set it in the blast freezer overnight to get the desired texture.

Now, take the mirror glaze as required and add raspberry colour and blend it without forming any bubbles.

Demould the petit and pour the glaze from top till it coats all the sides.

Place the dome on top of the sable and garnish it.