Published On : Mon, Jun 29th, 2020

Beginner Tips to Choosing the Right Indian Bookmaker

There are many people in India who enjoy betting on sports. We also see a lot of newcomers joining in the action each year, and if you are one of those you are probably wondering what you need to join in.

You need to choose a bookmaker to bet with, and have a process of getting your bets on, with many choosing to bet via a mobile phone for the ultimate convenience although there are other ways.

With this, you are ready to go, things are very simple. But how do you choose a bookmaker? We have tips for beginners below.

Sports Covered

You may want to bet on one sport, or you may want to bet on more but when you are looking for a platform to bet on, try and find one that has a variety of sports available.

For example, the 2020 IPL was suspended earlier in the year and while this may be what you normally bet on, a diverse sportsbook would have given better options to players while cricket betting was unavailable.

Those limiting themselves to a bookmaker offering cricket and a handful of other things may not have had much choice. However, those with a larger platform could have placed bets on the other sports that were taking place.

Competitive Odds

This is all about getting yourself a good deal. Look at what you bet on, then compare the odds that bookmakers have on offer. Are you looking to bet on the next PGA Tour event, local cricket or international football?

Look at the sport and league you want, pick out some selections and see how the odds compare across different bookmakers to help you make your decisions. Often odds are only slightly different across many bookmakers, but those slight changes can build up over a long period and make a real difference.

Good Bonuses

Many bookmakers offer bonuses to their players, usually in the shape of free bets that can be used. These are at their best when you are signing up to be a new player, so look out for these when you are choosing who to bet with.

The bookmakers that offer sports betting at offer welcome bonuses to new players when they sign up and these are a typical example of what you can expect to find. Getting a good bonus to begin with will increase your chances of getting off to a good start with the first bets you place as some will be free bets.

Easy to Use Betting Platform

However you are going to bet as a newcomer you want it to be as simple as possible. This means a nice user interface that you can navigate around with ease, and something that is responsive and fast.

You don’t want complicated menus and a slow website, when you have chosen your bookmaker, take a look at their platform to ensure it feels right for you and you are happy to use it.