Published On : Thu, Sep 3rd, 2020

Be aware, PPE kits of dead Covid-19 patients being dumped in open at crematoriums

Nagpur: In a disgusting development, it has come to the fore that the PPE kits wrapped on dead patients are being thrown in open at crematorium itself after the last rites. The bodies of patients who died of Covid-19 are covered woth Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit comprising protective clothing as not to spread the deadly virus among relatives and others during funeral. But the dumping of the infected PPE kit itself at crematoriums poses a grave risk of spreading the virus among the visitors. The crematoriums could become hotspots of coronavirus.

Nagpur is witnessing a surge in Covid-19 positive cases and the death toll is also mounting daily. The spike in the positive cases could be attributed to the irresponsible behaviour of people. Example of this negligent attitude was witnessed the other day at Ambazari Crematorium. As per the government guidelines for the last rites of dead corona positive patients, the body is brought to the crematorium directly from the hospital. The body is fully wrapped in protective kit so that infection is not spread. A team of NMC also accompanies the body. The NMC team is also wearing the PPE kit along with the relatives of the patient. The PPE kit is made available to the relatives of dead patients by district administration and could even be purchased from medical stores.

After the last rites, the PPE kit wrapped over the dead patient is to be destroyed by burning it. Even the PPE kits worn by relatives are also burnt and destroyed. However, in a shocking incident, a PPE kit was thrown in the open at Ambazari Ghat the other day. It is difficult to know who exactly dumped the dead body PPE kit in the open at the crematorium. If the infected PPE kit is being thrown at some other crematoriums in the city then it poses a grave risk of the virus spreading among others visiting the crematoriums.