Published On : Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Barbaric Indian society and  women’s safety?

Women SafetyA young woman is missing for past 24 hours. She works for e-commerce giant Snapdeal. She was last seen by a coworker who was with her when she headed home in an auto in Ghaziabad near Delhi. Her colleague friend was forced on knife point to get out of the auto.

Dipti Sarna, 24, left the Snapdeal office in Gurgaon, Wednesday evening. She took the metro home to Ghaziabad, she reached Vaishali metro station in the NCR where she got into an auto, which was her daily routine. She called her house to inform that she was en route to a prearranged place from where she would be collected by her father. Even before reaching the spot she went missing. Snapdeal has launched hashtag #HelpFindDipti and has asked for any information that could help locate her via Direct Message on Twitter.

Women safety in India has always been a matter of grave concern and has been treated delinquently. Patriarchal nature of Indian society, hampered both the independence and safety of women. Women’s of this era are known to walk head to head-heel to heel with men but less a reality and more a proverb.


Rationality of violence against women is chauvinism which deems women inferior to men, limits her importance to the  household, upbringing children, satisfying their husbands and a bounded slave to members of the family.


Even the Times of modernization of the society, working women are bullied by dual Brobdingnagian pressure of being a housewife and a working woman simultaneously with little or no help from their husbands.

Why are women considered objects of attaining sexual pleasure?

The shallow mindedness of society still prevails even with modernization.

  • Why is their a need to judge a woman by her dress?
  • Why is she considered a piece of tail if she is drunk? How do Men who get drunk every now and then and still manage to be dudes?
  • Why is she considered a slut if she is ready for consensual sex?
  • Why is she considered available if she talks nicely?
  • What makes u think she is available if she is single?
  • What makes her untouchable if she has menses?
  • What is it that makes you envious of her if she is successful?
  • Why can’t she go abroad for further studies alone?
  • Why is she forced for an early marriage?
  • Why do women sacrifice when men enjoy all the liberties?

Nirbhaya’s brutal incident is not forgotten where she was gang-raped by 6 monsters inside a moving bus in Delhi and later thrown off the bus naked after herself and her male friend were beaten and assaulted badly with an iron rod. This is only one of many other heinous crimes against women that came in light, many incidents go unnoticed and untold in fear of calumniation. Ironically such incidents are not actually rare in our country. Women are subjected to horrendous sexual torture by lustful men. These criminals are not confined to a specific religion, caste, age, or economic status. Why can’t we have a better system to punish these vermilions.

  • Why does our enforcement authorities find themselves helpless and squared?
  • Why does justice cost so much time?
  • Why do the victims feel remorseful with the way justice handles them?
  • Why can we not punish these lunatics with justice at a faster pace?
  • How do these men have courage to repeat such heinous crimes knowing of consequences they may suffer?

It is because the criminals know that there is a ray of hope  they might get away doing such crimes and that is what motivates motivates them. Making stringent laws is necessary to ensure that the guilty in such cases get the punishment that they deserve and don’t walk freely due to the weak provisions or loopholes of the existing laws. In gulf countries sexual crimes against women results in castration of men, which makes women safer, we don’t live in such society but similar stern measures are required for ensuring safety of the women today. The day all the questions put up get answered in a way that would help our women be safe would be the day We all dream of. The political blame-game should stop and office holders should work every second to make India a safe adobe for women and girls. India is a land where women are worshiped as gods they are the source of power for all the other gods. Let’s start teaching the next generation from now that women are respectable starting by respecting women at your home, your wife, mother, sister, neighbors. Education starts at home, start inculcating values in children so there may be hope of a better tomorrow and punish the criminals callously so that aplomb of criminals be broken and they rethink a thousand times before committing such mistakes.

By: Dr. Rajan Pandey
M.B.B.S., M.D. Radio-Diagnosis(schol.),
awanderlust blogger,columnist and social reformist
Twitter: @rajanpandey001