Published On : Thu, Nov 10th, 2016

Banks see unprecedented rush in Nagpur to replace demonetized currency notes

Nagpur: Hordes of eager and anxious citizens rushed towards the banks at the crack of the dawn on Thursday, to get their currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 replaced. Large serpentine queues outside every bank became the order of the day, as the crowd appeared emergent in getting some money to roll on their daily needs which came to stand still on Wednesday, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi derecognized notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination.

The people rushed in an unprecedented manner to all the public and private banks. Many people have to take an off from work to accomplish this uphill task. A similar such scene was evident at Vaishali Nagar branch of State Bank of India which has been seeing mad rush since early morning.

img-20161110-wa0008A huge crowd was witnessed at the branch office of Bank of Maharashtra situated near Laxmi Bhavan Square on WHC Road. While speaking to Nagpur Today those standing in the line claimed that they were standing from 7 am wishing to get the old notes converted into new notes and get notes of lower denominations for meeting day to day expenses. The customers complained that while some sections of the media had reported that the banks will open from 8 am, the bank officials are opening the bank for operations only from 10 am.

They also added that they have to fill-in the form and carry so many identification documents so that they can get their notes converted into notes of lower denominations or convert the old notes with new notes.

img-20161110-wa0001At the branch office of Bank of India at Shankar Nagar Square too, a heavy unprecedented crowd was witnessed. While speaking to Nagpur Today, some people including women claimed that they had to stand in the queue from 7 am so that they could finish the work of converting notes into lower denominations and get back to work.

A long serpentine queue was witnessed at Bank of India, Kingsway Branch. People had started queuing up from 9 am onwards. While speaking to Nagpur Today, Chief General Manager of Bank Kadu said that the citizens need not panic. The Bank of India has made arrangements including additional counters for converting the old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 into newer notes. He added that those who don’t have an account in this bank too can get the old notes converted into new notes and can also get notes of lower denominations from the bank. The citizens have to carry personal identification documents like Adhar Card, Pan Card, Identity Card, Driving Licence etc to get their notes converted into new notes or notes of lower denominations.

Many private banks including ICICI, Yes Bank and HDFC too had started operations from 8:30 am and were very helpful to their customers.
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