Published On : Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

Bank of India BESA: officials forget to lock Bank, found open till mid-night

Alert citizen calls cops, Cops get the bank locked

Lock seen Open of the BOI before Police arrived

Lock seen Open of the BOI before Police arrived

Nagpur: In what could be construed as sheer apathy, lethargy, carelessness, the officials of Nagpur based Besa Branch of Bank of India forgot to lock the Bank premises. An alert citizen who was passing that way called the cops who got the bank locked on June 19, 2015.

According to the alert citizen a resident of Konark Apartment in Besa noticed that the bank was open at 12 midnight. When he parked his two-wheeler and went inside, he got the shock of his life. He found that nobody was inside the premises.

WP_20150619_00_39_59_ProThe alert citizen called the police who arrived promptly. They too investigated and found that there was nobody inside the Bank of India premises.

When the police officials called the General Manager of Bank of India, Besa Branch, he was surprised and further enquiries made about who was in-charge of closing the bank etc, he started to pass the buck onto the employees of the Branch.

The police ascertained that no robbery was committed. Surprisingly, the Bank of India, Besa Branch has lockers too. What if someone got access to them and had committed robbery or loot. Who would be responsible for the theft? Is it not the responsibility of the General Manager to ensure that the Bank gets locked every evening when the staff leaves for the day?

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Besa Branch of Bank of India has no CCTV camera


The State government had brought about a rule which makes it mandatory for installation of Closed Circuit Television Units in Public Buildings Rules, 2012 making installation of CCTV units mandatory in all public buildings, commercial establishments and places where public congregated in large numbers as a measure to control crimes.

Following the government directive, the city police too had given directives to all banks and public establishments which included representatives of banks, other public buildings driving home the government rule and explaining to them the importance of installing CCTVs to help investigators in crime detection and apprehension of culprits/accused in case of theft.

However, Bank of India, Besa Branch seems to have disregarded the rule and has not installed the CCTVs as yet.